Learn how to make a funny Dragon

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Level of difficulty: Easy to do with kids.

What materials will you need?

- Roll of toilet paper or kitchen.
- Green paint. If you do not have green, you can do it by mixing blue and yellow paint.
- Brush.
- Silk papers: Red, orange and yellow.

- Scissors.

- Silicone.

- Tape.

- Funny eyes. If you do not have them, you can paint them with a marker.

How to do it? Very easy!

1. Paint the green tube

2. Draw the shape of the eyes.

3. Also draw two small circles for the nose.

4. Now paint them the same green color.

5. Cut strips of yellow, orange and red tissue paper.

6. With zeal, stick it well to the cardboard tube. Wait for it to dry well so you do not get stained or damaged.

7. It would stay like this.

8. Now stick your eyes to your green bases. Wait until it is dry to stick it. If you do not have eyes, you can draw them with a marker.

9. Glue the eyes to the base with silicone. Be careful not to burn yourself. It also glue the circles of the nose. 

10. Ready. That's all! Retouch with green paint what is needed.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

I await your comments. Have a happy day!


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