The fun of making fondant cakes

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Since my childhood I liked to do birthday gifts originals, such as crafts, piñatas and why not now experience making fondant cakes.

I had already tried once to make a fondant cake, but this time I threw myself into the adventure of making one with a more complicated figure.
My friend Chiky had her birthday and decided to make a cake of her kitten named Gandalf.

I want to share in this post some tips that may work to those who want to make fondant cakes. I hope they work!

Knead the fondant well.
Before stretching the fondant to cover the cake, you get knead well to make sure that is sufficiently elastic. This way it will not crack when handled.

Cornstarch used to stretch the fondant.
In many places I have read that it is preferable to use cornstarch instead of sugar, because sugar crystallizes and creates little balls damaging fondant texture.
To sprinkle cornstarch, using a porous cloth and shake to cover the inn achieve with the right amount of cornstarch. Remember that there is little that should place him, but was very dry.
I personally used transparent film around the inn, but then I had to massage it to erase the film marks.

The thickness of cover
Please note that the thickness of the fondant coverage should not be too thin because otherwise it will be very delicate and if the cake is slightly irregular, will be noticed. For this recommend measures to bring the specialized rollers fondant. Remember that when the fondant over the cake stands, it tends to stretch a bit to leave without wrinkles. If the fondant is very thin, it will break.

Achieve incredible figures
If you want to do something and do not know how to do, look for references, examples, images or videos. I had no idea how to make the kitten, but I searched youtube tutorials and helped me a lot. I made a mixture of two tutorials in a tutorial because I liked the body but not the head of the kitten.

What fondant used?
I used the brand Satin Ice "Rolled fondant" White vanilla flavor.

Achieve desired colors
At first I did not know what colors would need, so I bought dyes of primary colors and black. These worked perfectly. To make the gray, I put a touch of black dye. To make pink instead of black, I used the red. It was so easy. With these dyes may make the combinations you want. I used a mini Dotty red and transparent vanilla flavoring to make the blur in his cheeks.

Where to buy things? Manenas without a doubt!
I was looking for places to buy you need to make fondant cake. I got online shop the Manenas. They are the recommend 100%! Upon entering I fell in love all the little things they sell. In addition to the lady who greeted me was a love of person. I said I wanted to do and very kindly recommended me what to buy. For those interested, this is the website and the store is in Calle Pagès, 7, 08027, Barcelona-Spain.
I am of those who believe that good things should thank and recommend, this is one of them.

Later I will give you more tips of fondant cakes. Any questions or comments, please let me know.

Your cake will come out great. When you do it, if you want share your experience with me.

Have a nice day!


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