When buying Beekrafty, you confirm that you agree to the following conditions:

What should you know?

All designs, templates and general material offered in www.beekrafty.com are for PERSONAL USE and never for commercial use. You need a design for commercial use, you can hire and you will design tailored to your needs.

All designs, templates and materials in general are signed by www.beekrafty.com that can not be removed. If you need a design without the Beekrafty brand, you can request and gladly will help you.

In Beekrafty we can not guarantee the accuracy of the colors between our photos and your impressions, as it will depend on the configuration you have your color or print where take to print.

The arts are exported in CMYK, in high quality to guarantee you the best results.

The templates can edit and print in Adobe Reader.

The files can not be opened in editing programs (Illustrator, Photoshop, Corel Draw, etc.) or PowerPoint.

The size, color and location of typography, images and illustrations can not be modified or removed.

In .PDF templates you can only change the texts (in case you have editable text).

All arts are configured to print on A4 size, full color.

You can print to your personal printer or print.

At the bottom of each sheet, you give instructions and recommendations for your impressions remain great.

All the designs, templates and materials we offer in Beekrafty have intellectual property. Ownership must be respected. Misuse of them involve legal action by Beekrafty.

Any purchase you make in www.beekrafty.com not transfer the copyright of the designs, templates or designs in general. These will always be owned by Beekrafty.

Before making your purchase, make sure that is what you want. We make no changes, no refunds.

If you want a custom design, contact us. We will help you in everything you need.

What it is prohibited?

PROHIBITED - Share, give away or resell any digital design, template Beekrafty or material that you download or buy.

PROHIBITED - Use any design template or material Beekrafty on banners, websites, blogs, etc.

PROHIBITED - To modify, alter or create new designs from any template, design or material Beekrafty.

PROHIBITED - Use any photograph published in www.beekrafty.com, our blog or on any of our social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or YouTube).